Sarah Sayce Award for Sustainability Research

The Sarah Sayce Award for Sustainability Research has been established by the Property Research Trust, the Aubrey Barker Fund, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Council of the Heads of the Built Environment to recognise research which enables or furthers the practical adoption and application of sustainable solutions in the property industry.


The award is in memory of Sarah Sayce, who sadly passed away in November 2021. Sarah led the Property Research Trust through its transition to independence from the RICS, an organisation on whose Governing Council she sat for ten years. She had a long and distinguished career as a practising chartered surveyor and as an academic. At the time of her death, she was a Professor at the University of Reading, as well as Emeritus Professor, Kingston University and Chair of the Aubrey Barker Fund. Sarah was an inspiring leader who will be remembered with great fondness and respect. The sustainable use of property was Sarah’s particular passion and area of focus.



The Award

The Sarah Sayce Award for Sustainability Research is a single award for a research paper that makes a distinctive contribution to our understanding of how to make property more sustainable. It is aimed at individuals, rather than companies or universities. It is an ‘open’ award in the sense that there is no age limit but the recipient of the Award is intended to be an academic or property industry researcher. Applications from early career researchers are especially welcome. The Award is in the sum of £3,500. The winner of the award will receive publicity from the sponsoring organisations. The award will be presented at an event organised by the sponsors.


For further information, please click here.  The deadline for submissions is 31st August 2024