Funding available

The grants schemes available are summarised below. Please note that, with the exception of the Aubrey Barker Fund/FIG Foundation Course Development Grants, applications are welcomed at any time and should be made on the relevant application form. There may be a period of up to 3 months between application and decision. Small grant applications may be dealt with more quickly.

Please note that it is a condition of any ABF grant that the recipient will be required to produce a report on the award. The nature of reporting required will be specified at the time that the grant is awarded as a condition of the grant.

Further details as to what will and will not be funded are given below with links to the relevant application form. Criteria for assessment will be supplied with the application form

If you are considering making an application and are not sure whether you are eligible please contact us at:


Aubrey Barker Fund/FIG Foundation Course Development Grant

Grants of up to 20, 000 Euro over two years are available, normally every other year, with the objective of developing the capacity of academic institutions which teach surveying in developing countries by making teaching more effective and improving their curriculum.

The next round of applications will not be before April 2021 and will be announced here or/and on the FIG Foundation website.


‘Training the trainer’ grants

In addition to the ABF/FIG grants, applications can be made by academics, individually, or at a Departmental level, for small grants for development of curriculum or teaching materials which will benefit a group or groups of students. These could take the form of, for example, short study leave to design and develop a new module within the discipline or to convert an existing module to become an effective on-line learning offer. The key requirement is that the applicant can demonstrate that the development will enhance the individual or department’s capabilities and will be of lasting benefit to a number of students. As with other grants, the beneficiaries should be in a developing country, regardless of the geographical location of the applicants, although preference will be given to academics who are resident in such a country. The maximum grant will normally be three thousand pounds sterling  (£3,000).

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These awards take several forms: assistance towards a course of study, specific project work or attendance/presentation at a conference.

Help towards tuition fees
These grants are intended to help an intending student from a developing country to take advantage of a course of study which otherwise he or she would not be able to afford. Preference will be given to those whom the committee judge to be the most likely to benefit, to contribute to his/her home community and whose need appears to be the greatest.

Each application is considered on its individual merits. Grants are normally a contribution towards the applicant’s tuition fee. The value of a grant for any one year will normally be one thousand pounds sterling (£1,000), subject to a maximum total of three thousand pounds sterling (£3,000) for any one student. Applications may be made directly to the Fund by either a student or by a higher education institution. In the case of the latter, the grant will be made for the benefit of a named individual(s). Normally only one grant per annum will be awarded in respect of any one institution, although up to three applications may be submitted by an institution for consideration.

In order to qualify for an award, the intending student must be a national of a developing country and normally resident in the continent of his/her home country, and accepted by the named institution for enrolment on an appropriate and relevant academic course of study which can be at Undergraduate, Masters or Doctorate level.

The amount and duration of the grant will be decided by the Board, often in staged payments. In the case of staged payments, each payment will be dependent on satisfactory progress. Upon completion of any grant, a final report is required.

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Project grant
Any student from developing countries studying for a qualification may apply for a grant to assist with a project which is a required part of his/her course.

The grant may cover equipment not available from the College or University, or field work costs (travel and subsistence), up to a maximum of one thousand pounds sterling (£1,000). Project grants are normally awarded to those studying at the Masters level or above.  Applications must be accompanied by full details of the project and costings.  Any equipment provided will become the property of the College/University.

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Support for Conference Attendance and Presentation
Student organisations from developing countries may apply to The Aubrey Barker Fund for support for student meetings or conference attendance or to make conference presentations.

Applications should be channelled through the organisation managing the conference and there should be a clear indication of the value of attendance to the student(s) concerned. The Fund will not normally consider requests from individuals for support to travel to a conference. Applications should include details of the meeting for which support is needed, a justification, and a cost breakdown of how the money would be spent. The maximum to be awarded will be one thousand pounds (£1,000).

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